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  • Breaking Flow States: Avoiding the Squirrel Effect

    Breaking flow states: avoiding the squirrel effect 0:00 5:57 Powered by It’s harvest season, which for me means 500lbs of potatoes have to come out. I always dread this part. It’s grueling work. This is one habit that must be broken up into several days if I want to avoid injury. Also around this time,… Read…

  • Breaking Through to Habit Milestones: The Skip-stone Technique

    Breaking through to habit milestones: the skip-stone technique 0:00 5:15 Powered by In the last few weeks we’ve seen many examples of ways to keep our single-focused habits going strong. But we still have those days where it’s a struggle, even with great tricks like using the root of a habit. We still need some further… Read…

  • Discovering the Root of a Habit

    Habits that require an extended period of focus are usually hard to start. We often put them off by doing easier things. Here’s some examples: You want to edit the current chapter of the book you’re writing, but decide to watch just one more episode of your favorite show You want to read an article… Read…