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  • Hiatus to Develop the Multihabit App

    I’m going to take a brief hiatus now to focus more time on developing the Multihabit app. I hope you’ve been enjoying this newsletter. I wanted to get at least 10 well-written articles up on the Multihabit site to give you a sense of what kinds of habit tips you can expect if you subscribe.… Read…

  • The Atomizing Technique: When You Only Have 8 Minutes to Focus

    The atomizing technique: when you only have 8 minutes to focus 0:00 6:44 Powered by This week I made use of a valuable technique that I decided would be worth writing about. It was a movie night and I still had lots of work to do. I knew I could work after, but I had… Read…

  • The Tiling Method: Leveling Up Habit Stacking

    The tiling method: leveling up habit stacking 0:00 5:33 Powered by You’ve likely heard of habit stacking. It’s a popular method to create associations between small activities. For instance, if you want to get in the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, but struggle to brush more than once at bedtime, try brushing… Read…