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Learn how to master multiple habits and time-tracking techniques while leading a balanced life.

  • Time vs Check-mark: the Best Way to Keep an Exercise Habit

    When tracking a habit, there are two essential ways to do it: Track your time (or something similar, like word count or page count) Check-mark that you did it Most people think of the second option when it comes to habits. Do you floss every night before you go to bed? Check-mark each night you… Read…

  • Streak Vs Consistency: The Power of The Daily Average

    When starting a habit that requires focus, it’s good to keep it up daily. This helps you cement the habit into your routine. Most importantly, it helps you show up and put your time in even on days you don’t feel like it. In the article about why count-up timers are better than count-down we saw how,… Read…

  • Count-up Timers: A Fail-Safe Procrastination Remedy

    It can be difficult to maintain a habit, especially one that requires focus for an extended period of time. Examples: Writing Reading Practicing an instrument Doing your workout Homework Tackling a business project We tend to procrastinate, especially when these habits seem big or daunting. One common remedy is to try a “sprint” for a… Read…