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Learn how to master multiple habits and time-tracking techniques while leading a balanced life.

  • The Power of Cuddling the Cat: Habit Synergy

    The power of cuddling the cat: habit synergy 0:00 7:01 Powered by When trying to track lots of your time, this can create a disconnect from reality. Here’s an example from this week that shows two radically different ways I could have used the Multihabit system, for better or for worse. My cat has a… Read…

  • Degrees of Freedom: Eliminating Habit Compulsions

    Degrees of freedom: eliminating habit compulsions 0:00 6:29 Powered by This week was far from ideal for me. Whereas most weeks I have a bit of a routine to my habits to keep a good balance, that routine has been all over the place. I’ve been sleeping too much, over-committed with appointments, and feeling every… Read…

  • Micro-Dosing Habits: Getting Past All-or-Nothing Limits

    Micro-dosing habits: getting past all-or-nothing limits 0:00 5:39 Powered by Harvest has continued this whole week, and with it, the balancing act of keeping up on my other habits like writing, reading, and piano practice. Each day has been its own challenge, and within this context, I’ve been able to apply another important habit principle.… Read…