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Back from Hiatus: 2024 Plans

I’m back from hiatus.

I spent 2023 working on other important projects, and had hoped to coordinate the app build with another programmer, but unfortunately the process has not moved forward. As 2024 commences, I will budget some time to work further on the app myself, picking up where I left off in 2022.

I enjoy writing about habits, so I will write here periodically, usually as a break between larger projects. I put a lot of care into the articles I wrote in 2022, and will continue to keep them short and high-quality. I developed a detailed content calendar and have so many article ideas, I will be able to continually pick from the best.

My goal is, over time, is to treat this newsletter like an open-ended nonfiction book on the art of time-based habit tracking.

The Multihabit system continues to be very useful, and I am motivated to create the app so others can benefit from it. I also enjoy programming, and actually was quite excited in 2022 by the challenge of making an app.

The Multihabit app will be a perfect project to push my programming skills further. In 2023, I broke the process down into well-defined stages, so I will chip away at these. It may be some time before I have the app made, so alongside this endeavor, I will enjoy writing about the insights I am ever discovering as I use the valuable Multihabit system.

What excites you most about the Multihabit app? Hit “reply” and let me know. And if you have requests for future articles, feel free to share. Some of my best ideas come from email exchanges I have with subscribers.

I look forward to sharing more articles with you on the many nuances of this great habit system!