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Hiatus to Develop the Multihabit App

I’m going to take a brief hiatus now to focus more time on developing the Multihabit app.

I hope you’ve been enjoying this newsletter. I wanted to get at least 10 well-written articles up on the Multihabit site to give you a sense of what kinds of habit tips you can expect if you subscribe. There will be more to come down the road.

If you’re arriving here from my Highbrow or Listenable course, and are interested in using the Multihabit app, then subscribe to receive updates on the process. During my hiatus, I will send periodic updates, but will not plan to resume the weekly habit tip newsletter until the app is launched.

I’ve written mostly about habit principles and habit mindsets centered around the Multihabit system, but would like to write about other topics:

  • Writing habits
  • Sleep habits
  • Exercise habits
  • General work habits
  • Reading habits
  • Piano practice habits (could be generalized for any instrument)
  • Meditation habits
  • Managing chores
  • Keeping up hobbies
  • Life balance

I would like to make these all categories, as I plan to write many articles on each one. If there are other topics you’d like me to write about, please hit “reply” and let me know.

The above list is based on lessons I have learned from practicing habits using the Multihabit system. I am a believer in teaching from experience, rather than idealized concepts.

The Multihabit system is built around sharing what you actually accomplish, and being able to draw notes from observing what other users are doing. This will be the feature of the leaderboard aspect of the app, where you can see how you rank next to other users with similar habit patterns.

For instance, if you are a writer and “writing” is your main habit, you will be able to see 10 users who have consistency similar to yours. In addition, you can see what habits they track. Because you can customize your habits at any time, this lets you borrow ideas from what you see through the leaderboard feature.

I am very excited to make this app available, which is why I am now turning my focus to it. Once the app is out, the weekly habit tips newsletter can be centered around the app which we all can be using together, and those of you who reply to me can ask me to write about topics related to what you find as you use the system.

My goal with these articles is to give you the best tips possible to make the most out of the Multihabit system.

Wish me luck!