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Article #1 – Introduction


My name is John Robin, and I am the founder of the Multihabit system, a radical new approach to habit-tracking.

Every Tuesday, you can expect a new tip on how to manage the art of tracking multiple habits, using our unique count-up timer method.

If you haven’t already, sign up for the course on to get you started on the process.

If you’re a student of the course, then you can count on these weekly tips to keep you improving your system.

Soon, we will be launching the Multihabit app, which will replace the Multitimer / spreadsheet setup taught in the course. We expect to launch a web-only app (on this site) sometime in 2023, then will follow that with an app for Android, and finally iOS (time-line to be determined closer to the web launch date).

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Starting next week, we will begin a series of articles meant as an in-depth companion to the Highbrow course, but even if you haven’t taken the course, each article will focus on a topic relating to habit management principles, so you will get something useful from it.

I will keep these all short so you can read it in under 5 minutes.

Stay tuned for what I hope will be an exciting weekly feed!